Will Adzcoin Skyrocket Like Ethereum?

These are exciting times for ADZcoin, because we are approaching the launch of the browser extension and API. This will enable website creators, publishers and affiliate marketers to recoup losses from people using ad blocking software.

The self-sustaining system works like this:

  • Visitors install a browser extension that notifies them of coupons and discounts whenever they shop online.
  • People who have the browser extension installed will automatically receive ADZcoins, bought using the commissions earned from online shoppers.
  • Publishers add the API to their site and people who like their content can donate ADZcoins 100% free.

So it’s a self-cleansing system that decentralizes the quality-control of websites, because the people get to choose who earns the money, and as a result, the “passion publishers” get rewarded and the greedy publishers will vanish.

Plus it makes annoying advertisements added to regular content unnecessary, and people can use their ad blocker wherever they go.

The alternatives now are:

  • Setting up a pay-wall and charge people for the content
  • Blocking the content and ask people to disable their ad blocker

Both options have been tried, and are failing miserably.

ADZcoin monetization will prove to be the only viable solution for publishers very soon. It will help earn the honest hard-working publishers more money and at the same time clean up the internet by eradicating all the worthless sites, which are now earning easy money from advertising.

So how exactly will ADZcoin rise in value from this system?

In this post I’ll show you exactly how this will happen based on a real-life example that I really want to compare ADZcoin to: Ethereum.

Ethereum is a software platform that enables developers to build blockchain based applications on. Ether, which is the coin of Ethereum is the fuel to make these applications run.

The rise of Ethereum is remarkable, mainly because the coin is only about 7-8 months old at the moment and already is the second coin based on market cap and volume after Bitcoin. Just check the growth chart:

ethereum skyrockets

As you can see, the price has grown from 30 cents to more than $10 in just a couple of months.

So in that sense, I’ll explain exactly how that happened, and how we can translate every event that made this happen to the future timeline of ADZcoin.

Obviously this topic is very relevant because to the launch of the browser extension is very near (at the time of writing this article).

Just to make clear though, this is the prequel to Startpeeps 2.0 and has nothing to do with the original prediction post. This is what I believe will happen before that as a result of the ADZcoin monetization system.

So let’s take a look at the factors that caused the growth of Ethereum along with the features of the coin, and dissect the similarities of the current and future growth of Ether and ADZ.

Ether and ADZ are fuel to run a big machine

The most interesting aspect about Ether and ADZ is the fact that it has a specific purpose.

I like to refer to this, but I feel like ADZcoin can become to ad agencies, low-quality publishers and affiliate marketers what Bitcoin has become to central and commercial banks.

This is a huge statement and I’m positive it’s extremely accurate. There’s a specific function for the coins, which is what makes them stand out to all other coins who just try to become a substitute for Bitcoin (Litecoin for instance).

The Ethereum Machine

As I already mentioned, Ethereum is basically a software platform on which developers can build decentralized applications.

It is overly complicated for the regular internet user, so I won’t even try to explain in full detail how this exactly works, but the notion that it runs in the backend of applications that many people will use every day should give you an idea of its power.

ethereum software platform

There are already several banks experimenting with building applications on the Etheureum blockchain which will become services everybody uses in their day to day life, without knowing anything about Ethereum at all.

Ether is the fuel to make these applications run, and the more applications that are being built, the bigger the demand for Ether.

The Adzcoin Machine

So in essence, the value of the coin of Ether is mostly determined by the amount of applications that are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, so let’s check how this applies to Adzcoin.

As you know, Adzcoin is a coin that will help website creators and publishers recoup the money they lose from visitors who are using ad blocking software.

In other words, it will serve as a substitute for the ad-supported web which has proven to be a failed business model and actually disadvantages hard working publishers.

So as the amount of applications built and used on the Ethereum platform determines the value of Ether, so will the amount of extensions downloaded determine the value of Adzcoin.

download browser etension

A similar extension has stated that every download earns them about $50 a year.

So with millions of downloads, this will create a huge demand for the coin which constantly increases, the same demand which causes Ethereum to rise above $10 in such a short span of time as more and more applications get launched.

The viral nature of the Adzcoin browser extension

You might wonder how it’ll be possible to get millions of downloads for this extension.

Here are some interesting notions that will show you how this will take off in a major way:

  • The browser extension helps people save money

The main function will be to show people when they can save money whenever they buy something online. In the US 80% of the people buys something online every month, in the UK 95% does so we just leverage something people already do.

Just like how ad block shows the amount of ads that are blocked on a particular site, our extension will show the amount of coupons available for the online shop people are visiting. So this way people NEVER have to pay too much when they shop again.

save money

The data will be pulled from our coupon code sites Startpeepscoupons.com, which will be updated with new coupons in thousands of shops every hour.

  • The browser extension is free and can be installed in one click

Adzcoins get distributed to everybody who has the browser extension installed. The main benefit of this system is that it only takes about 10 seconds and 2 clicks in order to do this.

So in a matter of mere seconds, people can get the browser extension that benefits them and makes them earn Adzcoins.

  • People know how to install the browser extension

Probably even more important is the fact that the target audience (people that have ad block installed) already know how to do it because they installed their ad blocking software the same way!

This makes the entry level very low and the conversion rate very high because it’s something people already trust and appreciate.

  • Website owners benefit from more installations

And this is the crucial part which will make the system go viral very fast. In order for publisher to earn Adzcoin, their audience need to have the browser installation installed!

Every day, the people who have the browser extension installed will be sent free Adzcoins, which is determined by the affiliate commissions earned from the extension.

The more people in the publisher’s audience that install the extension, the more he’ll earn it’s that simple.

  • Competition between publishers will help to spread the word

Once the word gets out about the Adzcoin monetization system which is so much superior to the ad-supported web, and actually allows publishers to earn from ALL visitors without annoying them, more and more publishers will use Adzcoin to make money.

It’s a simple fact of life that when publishers will see the success of others, they will replicate this success and spread the word even more.

That’s how viral systems work, and that’s how it’ll work for Adzcoin monetization. Give it 1-3 months and you’ll see ADZ donation widgets everywhere because it’s the perfect win-win-win viral system!

ADZ and Ethereum have a big budget for securing evergreen growth

A huge project like this requires a lot of money. Currently there are 4 developers working full-time on the Adzcoin project, and an expansion of the team will be needed in the near-future.

That’s why it’s interesting to note that just like Ethereum, the Adzcoin project won’t run out of funds any time soon as half the coins have been pre-mined and will be used to fund further developments.

It’s a fact that a lot of pre-mined coins have been related to pump and dump scams, but there are obviously exceptions to this.

ethereum funding

Without funding, Ethereum and Adzcoin would be dead after a couple of months. So let’s take a closer look how the pre-mined coins will be used to help build the Adzcoin project.

Startpeeps and Adzcoindesk giveaway

There are two parts of the giveaway, one for Startpeeps, which is the main focus of the second phase of the project, and one on the Adzcoindesk blog to help spread the word about Adzcoin.

  • Startpeeps giveaway

Startpeeps will become an open-source social media platform that will enable developers to build applications on top off.

You can consider it to be the WordPress of social media sites as developers will be able to build themes and plugins.

It also houses the payment gateway which merchants can use to sell products using Adzcoin.

15 million coins will be given away during the development phase which can be used by members to buy products in Adzcoin supported websites.

After the browser extension has been successfully launched, this will be given a lot of attention and more and more shops will use Adzcoin as method of payment.

spend adz rewards

Right now you can already earn Adzcoins for daily logins and social activity and spend the coins you earn in the Startpeepsmarket.

  • Adzcoindesk giveaway

Once the browser extension is ready for launch, the Adzcoindesk giveaway will be launched too.

10 million coins will be distributed amongst people who help drive traffic to the blog, which as a result will help spread the word about Adzcoin, get more people to install the extension and attract more publishers.

  • Support development

Just like the Ethereum project, the Adzcoin project is created by a team of developers and marketers.

At the moment 5 people work full-time to get everything ready, and the goal is to double the team the moment the browser extension Is taking off.

Startpeeps 2.0, the open-source project will be massive for the growth of Adzcoin so it’ll be great to have more developers working on this full-time.

So the rest of the coins will be used to fund the development for this and expand on the browser extension so we can not only have a flawlessly working extension that is constantly updated, but also a coupon code site that has virtually every online shop and product listed so users of the extension can benefit from all the deals and coupons whenever they buy something online.

So before making judgements about the pre-mine, ask yourself this:

“Do you think Ethereum would be so big right now if they didn’t mine millions of coins themselves and turn some of those into fiat every now and then to support development?”

I think the answer is very simple: of course not!

So you can be fully confident the project will not be halted due to financial reasons, and Adzcoin will keep on growing and growing forever! 🙂

Conclusion about Adzcoin and Ethereum

The rise of Ethereum is remarkable. Going from pennies to over $10 in value is rather unique, especially since it happened in just 2 months.

But when you take a closer look at the concept behind the coin, you’ll see this s not remarkable at all. The more applications that are built, the higher demand for Ether and the higher the value will be.

So is Adzcoin similar in this way?

Is it possible for Adzcoin to be worth $10 in just 2 months?

I sincerely believe it is possible for Adzcoin to have the same growth curve as Ethereum had the last 2 months. Mainly because:

  • The amount of users will determine the demand. The more browser extension installations the higher the price will be
  • The system will go viral. A snowball effect will be created as more and more publishers use Adzcoin monetization

snowball effect

  • It genuinely helps people. Probably the most important factor which is the fact that Adzcoin solves a real problem in the world and it’s the only solution for this problem, plus the extension helps people save money and everybody likes this

All these things are relevant to what happened with Ethereum, so with the type of reach Adzcoin will have it is fairly easy to connect the dots.

Are you getting excited?

I surely am because the extension Is making great progress and will be ready for launch in less than 10 days of writing this article!

And then, Adzcoin can truly become a contender for the second spot behind Bitcoin. 🙂


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